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Software Engineer, Experimenter, Life-long Student. Working at Google improving GCP AI Platform Notebooks

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Use Virtual Environments Inside Jupyter Notebooks & Jupter Lab [Best Practices]

Bring the best practices established by the Python community to your Jupyter Notebooks. You can add virtual environments to Jupyter Lab, giving each notebook it's own environment. This post goes into detail explaining exactly how you can add virtual environments to your own notebooks on Google Cloud's AI Platform Notebooks

A More Beautiful Question - Key Insights

Find Innovative Business Ideas by Asking Questions. Develop better critical thinking and problem solving skills, and fight information overload. My reading notes from the book "A More Beautiful Question" by Warren Berger

Five Tactics for Tackling Complex Problems at Work

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” But how can someone actually do that? Below are some tactics I've used that can make a big difference.

5 Habits for Better Learning

These mental habits were developed to teach school children how to think critically and become problems solvers. It’s a valuable skill for adults to learn as well.

When presented with any new information think about:

  1. Evidence: Why do you think this information is true or false? What should count? What do you think you know and why?
  2. Viewpoints: How would this look from other perspectives? How would other people or companies think about this differently?
  3. Connections: Noticing any patterns? Have you seen something like this before?
  4. Conjecture: What if something about this was different? How would that impact things?
  5. Relevance: Why does this matter?

(Source: A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger)

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Deploy statically generated sites to Azure Web Apps

There are a lot of awesome static site generators out there. It’s not always easy to figure out how to setup continuous deployment for them though. This post will describe how to deploy a statically generated site using yeoman angular to Azure Web Apps, but these steps can be applied to deploy any statically generated site to Azure Web Apps.