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Software Engineer with over a decade of experience building clouds. Experimenter, Life-long Student. Working at Stripe. Previously: Google, Microsoft

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The Interview Advice No One Gives You

What good does it do to practice coding problems for weeks if your mind goes blank in an interview room? How can you show your “best self” if you’re too afra...

The Truth about VPC Security Controls

GCP's VPC Service Controls protection is often described as a virtual firewall for your GCP projects. That metaphor quickly breaks down if you're trying to ...

So you want to do Deep Work?

In this information era where all mechanical tasks are being automated, in order to be successful you need to be able to do what machines cannot: be creative...


How to Use GPUs with R in Jupyter Lab

Setting up R to use GPUs can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Have you ever tried installing drivers for your Nvidia GPU? The first time I tried it I ...

Be Creative by Asking Better Questions

Find Innovative Business Ideas by Asking Questions. Develop better critical thinking and problem solving skills, and fight information overload. My reading ...


5 Habits for Better Learning

These mental habits were developed to teach school children how to think critically and become problems solvers. It’s a valuable skill for adults to learn as...